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NFU Concerned E15 Waiver Will Impact Higher Blends
National Farmers Union (NFU) is concerned EPA?s proposed rule allowing year-round use of E15 gasoline will make it harder for retailers to sell higher level blends of ethanol. In a letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, NFU President Roger Johnson urged EPA to rewrite a provision contained within the rule that could amount to a cap on ethanol. It is ... Read More

Teaching Biofuels in Schools
Growth Energy, in partnership with the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), has just released a new curriculum aimed at educating high school students about biofuels. The curriculum is the first industry-supported biofuels curriculum that provides students a guided in-classroom experience and will offer ag educators the tools needed to provide students with an array of technical skills and historical ... Read More

Iowa Says No to More SREs
Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig and Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw held a press conference Wednesday to discuss how EPA granting more pending small-refinery exemptions (SRE) would irreversibly undermine the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Speaking at Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy near Council Bluffs, Shaw pointed out that in recent weeks refineries could have complied with their obligation ... Read More

39 Reasons for EPA to Just Say No to More SREs
With the Environmental Protection Agency considering 39 pending petitions for 2018 Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs), the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) has helpfully provided the agency with 39 reasons to turn them all down. The list starts with 53 – The number of refinery waivers EPA granted for the 2016 and 2017 compliance years since early 2018, and ends with ... Read More

SW Iowa Renewable Energy Sows Seeds for Monarchs
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy (SIRE) is one step closer to providing monarch butterflies with a new place to fill up on their cross-country journey. The ethanol plant seeded their Monarch Fueling Station this week with the help of local farmer Rick Frost. Habitat Establishment Coordinator Kevin Reynolds helped SIRE established the Monarch Fueling Station last year. ?The first year there ... Read More

EPA Revisits Proposal to Publish Refinery Waiver Info
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking comment on the current process for issuing Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs) that would allowing names of refineries who have applied for and received waivers to be made public in an effort to expand transparency. EPA has reopened the comment period for 15 days on one aspect of a 2016 proposal “that basic information ... Read More

Grassley Questions DOE on SRE Review Process
Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry this week asking for clarity about the department?s review process concerning Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Small Refinery Exemption (SRE) requests. ?EPA has granted an unprecedented number of small refinery hardship exemptions for 2016 and 2017 and even more small refineries are seeking exemptions from the ... Read More

Retailers in Mexico Oil Country Learn About Ethanol
American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty was back in Mexico teaching retailers about ethanol this week, this time in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital and largest city of the southeast Mexico state of Chiapas. This is the third time Lamberty has traveled to Mexico so far this year to speak at ethanol technical information forums for Mexican ... Read More

RFA Earns Seventh Straight TRANSCAER® Award
For the seventh consecutive year, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has received a TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award for its industry-leading ethanol safety program. RFA hosted numerous ethanol safety training events in 2018, giving more than 1,800 emergency responders the tools and information they need to effectively respond to any incidents involving fuel ethanol. The TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award is given ... Read More

Ethanol Not to Blame for Higher Gas Prices
Gas prices are up, but ethanol is not to blame, according to an analysis by the Renewable Fuels Association. Gas prices at the pump have been steadily increasing since the end of January, and some have speculated that it is due to ethanol transportation issues following the Midwest floods in March. But RFA found that it is mainly because of ... Read More


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B100 Fuel, living on BioDiesel

where can i find the best reviews of biodiesel cars?
good old fed government. Click here....

Wikipedia recently updated biodiesel information
Good to get a refresh here....

Some people are still building biodiesel plants
in indonesia LAS VEGAS, NV, Sep 25, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Renewable Fuel Corp (RFC), a leading producer and supplier of biodiesel and biodiesel blended fuels in North America and in key International markets, is pleased to announce...

New energy balance study shows Biodiesel EVEN BETTER than last study!
A new analysis shows that the energy balance of biodiesel is a positive ratio of 3.5-to-1. For every unit of fossil energy needed to produce the fuel over its life cycle, the return is 3.5 units of energy, according to...

now here is someone having fun: BioBling. Get a biodiesel car, bling it out. Have fun....

Be ware who you believe will make biodiesel
Biodiesel developer goes bust....

Support the Seattle Biodiesel team ride against Cancer!
2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge - Portland - General Donation...

A Biodiesel Primer
Thanks Methanol Institute for this best ever overview of markets, policy and economic drivers for biodiesel. A must read first document....

Portland construction goes bio
HeraldNet: Portland's big on biodiesel...

Biodiesel makes Tampa news
Fueling Station | Tampabay.com - St. Petersburg Times: From grunge rock to grunge fuel....

Home of Kurt Cobain to be home to Biodiesel
Biofuel Plant Raises Hope Where a Rocker Brooded - The New York Times...

Time lapse of construction at Imperium Port of Gray's Harbor
On a piece of reclaimed land at the Port of Gray's Harbor in Washington is being constructed the largest biodiesel refinery in the country. Check out this time lapse of the site since construction started two months ago thru today....

New bioLyle workshops in the Northwest
Bio Lyle continues to put on the best home brew workshops in the northwest. Here is his latest schedule Homebrew (hands-on) workshops: Sunday October 22 , 2006 10 AM - 3:30 PM The Magic of Biodiesel, UW Experimental College Class...

John Plaza tells his story to PSBJ
Check out John Plaza's story, the founder of Seattle Biodiesel....

Matt Simmons on Peak oil and current drop in prices
Very timely interview with Matt Simmons today. He is not optimistic that the recent lull in prices is going to stay low....

B100 Fuel, living on BioDiesel
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