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Kubota V3300-T, 82HP, 0 Hrs, $4900 $4000 Kubota V2203-E, 0 Hrs, 4 Cyl, 46 HP $4000 Kubota V2203-E, 0 Hrs, 4 Cyl, 46 HP
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Part Information
Category: Transmissions (Trucks)
Item No P-235
Inventory No Adpt-1
Manufacturer Other
Model No Manual or Automatic Transmissions
Manufacturer Part No SAE #5, SAE #4, SAE #3
Year of Manufacture 2006
Condition New
Description Adapts Kubota & others to Ford, & Chevy Transmiss
Price (USD) Call for Price
State/Province Ar
Country United States
These adapters let you adapt almost any Industrial engine with a #3, 4, or #5 SAE Bellhousing to most all Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler Manual or automatic transmissions.

Assembly instructions for the Transmission adapter.

This adapter consists of two cast parts that have been machined to the factory specifications for the transmission you are installing. This short instruction sheet should help you in your assembly of the product.

First, take the SAE adapter ring and install it on the back of your engine
SAE housing, with the flat surface facing you. Be sure that the top is at
the 12:00 position. Use Allen cap screws to fasten it to the housing, these should be 3/8 x 1 1/4" and torque to 44 foot lbs.

For Automatic transmissions
Place your flywheel adapter on a table and fit the Transmissions flex plate to the cast flywheel adapter, being sure that the flex plate is facing the proper way. Bolt it on using bolts that are at least 1 1/4" long and torque to 50 foot lbs.

Special Note: Make sure that all flat washers that come in contact with the
flex plate have the rounded surface against the flex plate. Failure to do
this will cause failure down the road and void all warranted on the unit.
Now install these two components to the torque converter, which is in the

After you have installed the flywheel adapter to the transmission the hard
part is next. You lift the transmission up to the back of the engine and install to housing leaving the bolts loose to hold it on. Then, through the cut out on the bottom right side you will install the bolts through the flywheel adapter to the flywheel, using a socket and an extension. Leave them loose til you get all eight of them in, then you can go back and torque them to 32 foot lbs.

For manual transmission
Next install the flywheel adapter to the flywheel on the engine and torque the bolts to 32 foot lbs. Now bolt on the flywheel for the transmission you are going to use and torque these to 50 foot lbs. Then install your clutch, and finally install the transmission to the back of the housing adapter and bolt up.

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