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Corn and Ethanol Groups Challenge EPA to Correct Study
A coalition including the Urban Air Initiative (UAI), 10 state corn grower organizations and the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) are pressuring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to correct its recent ?Anti-Backsliding” study. The coalition says the study is based on faulty modeling data that fails to recognize the role of ethanol in reducing pollution. The study is required under ... Read More

RFA Comments on EPA Anti-Backsliding Measure
The Renewable Fuels Association supports for the EPA’s proposal to determine that no additional measures are necessary to mitigate ?potential adverse air quality impacts? associated with the Renewable Fuel Standard. At the same time, RFA?s comments on the Proposed Anti-Backsliding Determination for Renewable Fuels and Air Quality challenged the flawed air quality modeling and analysis conducted by EPA to inform ... Read More

Video Spotlights Ethanol?s Important Co-Products
A new educational video from the Renewable Fuels Association and Kansas Corn spotlights all of the important co-products that come from ethanol production. Those products include distillers grains for livestock feed, distillers oil used to make biodiesel, and captured carbon dioxide for the food and beverage industries. With fuel ethanol demand experiencing a significant reduction during the COVID-19 pandemic, which ... Read More

Groups Challenge EPA on SAFE Rule
A coalition of agriculture and biofuels groups are challenging the Trump administration?s recent fuel efficiency rulemaking, on that grounds that it downplays the harm from reduced emission standards, ignores the efficiency and health benefits of higher ethanol blends, and fails to realize the promise of increased octane in gasoline. The rule in question, known as the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficiency ... Read More

Ethanol Production Coming Back
U.S. ethanol production is slowly clawing its way upward to more normal levels after reaching record lows in April. According to EIA data analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association for the week ending June 26, ethanol production rose 0.8%, or 7,000 barrels per day (b/d), to 900,000 b/d?equivalent to 37.80 million gallons daily. Production remains tempered due to COVID-19 disruptions, ... Read More

Ethanol Exports Decline in May
Exports of U.S. ethanol declined 32 percent in May to the smallest monthly volume in four years, according to Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) analyst Ann Lewis. Most of the drop was due to Brazil, which imported just 1.7 million gallons of U.S. ethanol, down from almost 24 million. Exports to India were down six percent in May, but it was ... Read More

ACE Launches Video Series on USDA HBIIP
The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) has launched a series of short fuel marketer-focused videos, along with a broader digital advertising campaign, to help fuel retailers understand and navigate the application process for USDA’s Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP). The series on flexfuelforward.com is hosted by ACE Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty, a former convenience store owner who breaks ... Read More

ACE Disappointed With EPA Lack of Action
American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) CEO Brian Jennings says he is disappointed in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to issue an interim final rule by July 1 to increase the Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) for 2020 to ensure that the full 20.09 billion gallons required by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) are used due to the unanticipated drop ... Read More

House Members Oppose ?Gap Year? Waivers
The Congressional Biofuels Caucus has added its voice to the many calling for EPA to deny the 52 so-called ?gap year? Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Small Refinery Exemption (SRE) petitions received last month. Co-Chairmen Rodney Davis (R-IL), Collin Peterson (D-MN), Dave Loebsack (D-IA) and Roger Marshall, M.D. (R-KS), and more than two dozen other members of the bipartisan Caucus sent ... Read More

EPA Administrator Gives Update on Retroactive SREs
EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said Wednesday that the agency will not be making an announcement on proposed 2021 Renewable Volume Obligations this week. “There’s nothing coming out tomorrow on that,” Wheeler said during a press call to talk about environmental provisions under the USMCA. Since Friday is a federal holiday, that would mean it would be at least next week ... Read More


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B100 Fuel, living on BioDiesel

where can i find the best reviews of biodiesel cars?
good old fed government. Click here....

Wikipedia recently updated biodiesel information
Good to get a refresh here....

Some people are still building biodiesel plants
in indonesia LAS VEGAS, NV, Sep 25, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Renewable Fuel Corp (RFC), a leading producer and supplier of biodiesel and biodiesel blended fuels in North America and in key International markets, is pleased to announce...

New energy balance study shows Biodiesel EVEN BETTER than last study!
A new analysis shows that the energy balance of biodiesel is a positive ratio of 3.5-to-1. For every unit of fossil energy needed to produce the fuel over its life cycle, the return is 3.5 units of energy, according to...

now here is someone having fun: BioBling. Get a biodiesel car, bling it out. Have fun....

Be ware who you believe will make biodiesel
Biodiesel developer goes bust....

Support the Seattle Biodiesel team ride against Cancer!
2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge - Portland - General Donation...

A Biodiesel Primer
Thanks Methanol Institute for this best ever overview of markets, policy and economic drivers for biodiesel. A must read first document....

Portland construction goes bio
HeraldNet: Portland's big on biodiesel...

Biodiesel makes Tampa news
Fueling Station | Tampabay.com - St. Petersburg Times: From grunge rock to grunge fuel....

Home of Kurt Cobain to be home to Biodiesel
Biofuel Plant Raises Hope Where a Rocker Brooded - The New York Times...

Time lapse of construction at Imperium Port of Gray's Harbor
On a piece of reclaimed land at the Port of Gray's Harbor in Washington is being constructed the largest biodiesel refinery in the country. Check out this time lapse of the site since construction started two months ago thru today....

New bioLyle workshops in the Northwest
Bio Lyle continues to put on the best home brew workshops in the northwest. Here is his latest schedule Homebrew (hands-on) workshops: Sunday October 22 , 2006 10 AM - 3:30 PM The Magic of Biodiesel, UW Experimental College Class...

John Plaza tells his story to PSBJ
Check out John Plaza's story, the founder of Seattle Biodiesel....

Matt Simmons on Peak oil and current drop in prices
Very timely interview with Matt Simmons today. He is not optimistic that the recent lull in prices is going to stay low....

B100 Fuel, living on BioDiesel
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