DEMS-1000 Digital Engine Management System

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DEMS-1000 MSRP: $2795.00
*Dealer discounts available.

DEMS-1000 Options:

Remote Display Head for DEMS-1000 Controller $325.00
IP Camera with audio and built in server $310.00
Throttle Arm Linear Actuator $150.00
Throttle Arm Solenoid $80.00
Engine Shutdown Solenoid $80.00
Extra Oil/Water Temperature Sensor $65.00
Extra Oil Pressure Sensor $80.00
Oil Level Sensor $65.00
Manifold Pressure Sensor Call
Coolant Level Sensor Call
Fuel Pressure Sensor $80.00
Fuel Flow Sensor Call
Fuel Tank Level Sensor Call
Water in Fuel Sensor Call
Air Filter Restriction Sensor Call
Vibration Sensor Call

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Prices subject to change without notice.