DEMS-1000 Digital Engine Management System

The DEMS-1000 is an engine controller that has friendly, user definable alarm and safety shutdown settings to protect, monitor and control the startup, run-up and shutdown of a local or remote engine installation. The DEMS-1000 can be controlled locally with the built-in keypad or an Ethernet connection to your laptop or PC, and remotely using an Internet connection.

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  • Easy install and setup
  • Automated Run/Stop engine sequence
  • User friendly setup for shutdown and alarm levels
  • RS-485 serial communication between controller display and engine controller (Up to several miles)
  • Programmable electric RPM governor
  • 2 Programmable RPM settings: Low and High
  • Programmable display to display the fields you want to view on each screen
  • Start and Stop engine
  • Glow plugs On/Off
  • Auxiliary electric fuel pump On/Off
  • Safety shutdown retains error log for the operator to know the reason for engine shutdown
  • Password protection for local and remote access
  • Total Engine Hours
  • Hours remaining until next engine service
  • Enclosed in heavy cast aluminum, watertight enclosure with waterproof keypad
  • Programmable engine safety shutdowns and alarm set points:
  • Oil Pressure Vibration
    Oil Temperature Engine Overspeed
    Water Temperature Battery Voltage
    Fuel Pressure Alternator
    Fuel Flow Air Filter Monitor
    Fuel Tank Level Water in fuel
    Manifold Pressure Auxillary Inputs

  • Programmable generator safety shutdowns and alarm set points:
    • L1, L2, L3 Voltage, Amperage and Hertz
    • 2 programmable safety shutdown pressure/flow sensors for hydraulic pump or air compressor 0-10000PSI or GPM/GPH
      • #1 and #2 Hydraulic/Air PSI
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DEMS-1000 Digital Engine Management System

Terminal Connections

Terminal Logic Board

Display Board

DEMS-1000 Top View


User has full control on what information is displayed on each screen. These screenshots are examples of what can be programmed to display. Setting up the screen displays is very quick and simple.

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